Our library

Children visit the library during the week to change their reading and library books.

The Library is also open after school for you to come with your child and change library books more frequently if you wish. Join us Monday to Thursday 3.15 – 3.30pm.

In our Library we have a wide range of story (fiction) books within story boxes. Our information (non-fiction) books can be found on colour coded shelves. We have a helpful booklet “Cracking the Code” to help us find the information books that we are looking for.

Poetry and joke books are located along the long shelf, and we stock a large selection of ‘short reads’ aimed at children who are beginning to read fiction independently.

Library Schedule:

Dolphin class Monday mornings
Puffin class Monday mornings
Starfish class Wednesday mornings
Butterfly class Friday afternoons
Cricket class Wednesday afternoons
Ladybird class Friday afternoons
Giraffe class Wednesday afternoons
Ibis class Thursday afternoons
Kangaroo class Thursday afternoons

Tips for helping your child at home

  • Listen to your child read as often as possible; 10 to 15 mins a day is ideal.
  • Read to your child – hearing stories read shows the child skills they can learn.
  • Take time to talk about stories that you read together.
  • Remember reading is not just the school reading book – it is fun to read comics, magazines and articles on the internet.
  • Make use of the local library!
  • Remember that you are never too old to enjoy a good story.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Fredrick Douglas

Reading is at the centre of learning. It is like a key that unlocks new experiences and opportunities.

Children who borrow and read books from the library stand the chance of becoming Library top borrowers for the term, and for the year. Children making wonderful progress can be nominated by teachers for the “Swathi Award” presented to an individual at the end of the year.

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