Weekly Awards

We are very proud of our students, and take great pleasure in celebrating their successes.

Each week, every class awards the following:-

  • Learner of the Week
  • Reader of the Week
  • Maths Star of the Week

Reception year awards ‘Stars of the Week’

For the week of 12th – 16th April 2021, class group winners were:-


 Reception classes Dolphin Puffin Starfish
Stars of the Week Riley, Alina & Hudson Mia-Rose, Scarlett, Sophia & Morgan Frankie, Faris & Harper


 Year 1 classes Butterfly Cricket Ladybird
Learner of the Week Fraya Daisy Jack
Reader of the Week Viyan Nicola Logan
Maths Star of the Week Ninitan Link Lewis


Year 2 classes Giraffe Ibis Kangaroo
Learner of the Week Joseph Adilaya
Reader of the Week Oliver Leo
Maths Star of the Week Dolly Taylan


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