Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 page!

These are our classes and their staff.

Giraffe Class led by Mrs Hudson, Mrs Frendo and Mrs Carter
Ibis Class led by Mr Smith and Mrs Mitchell
Kangaroo Class led by Mrs Ashman and Mrs Devine

Curriculum themes plan: Creative Learning Journey wheels

Year 2 (one year topic plan)

Autumn 1 The Great Fire of London
Autumn 2 Africa
Spring 1 All Around the World
Spring 2 Castles, Knights and Dragons
Summer 1 Habitats
Summer 2 Seaside Party

Current half-term curriculum topic wheels are available from class teachers.

Year 2 Science Knowledge Organiser – Around the World

Some useful information to help with organsiation

Class PE kit needed Reading & library books
Giraffe Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Wednesday afternoons
Ibis Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Thursday afternoons
Kangaroo Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Thursday afternoons

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