Reading and phonics

Reading is about drawing together a whole range of strategies – sounds made by letters and groups of letters, learning words by sight, using the context of the sentence, considering whether the sentence makes sense, bringing to reading other story and book experiences.

At Ormiston Cliff Park Infant Academy our priority is to equip our children with these skills and provide constant opportunities to practice and build on these through all experiences in class, each day. Please see the PowerPoint presentation ‘Reading at Ormiston Cliff Park Infant Academy 2019‘ for information shared at our Reading Information Event recently.

Reading books

Children will bring home both a library book and home “scheme” type book. We use a variety of scheme type books so that the children read a range of materials. These books are grouped into ability levels. This means that the children can enjoy a range of different characters, formats and types of book which are appropriate to their reading development.

Teaching phonics skills

Phonics is a systematic approach to teaching children the sounds that make up words.

Click here for our guide to the Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme and its phases.

Words are broken down into the sounds they’re made up from and then these sounds are ‘blended’ together to make the word.

So, for example, with ‘dog’, children learn the sounds of the letters d, o, and g separately and then they blend to say ‘dog’. Phonics also helps children spell as they can hear the sounds in a word and then turn them back into the letters needed.

At Ormiston Cliff Park Infant Academy, phonics is taught consistently, every day, using the Letter and Sounds Programme (a government programme introduced in 2007). This teaching and learning is supplemented in Reception with the use of actions and songs to bring all our senses into play as we develop our skills.

Below is a wonderful video showing how to encourage your child’s language development, by Kirsty Murrell, a Speech and Language Therapist at Speak East.


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