P.E. and Sports Premium

We are making the most of current additional sports funding by developing expertise and opportunities for the children in different ways. Carry on reading to find out how.

PE Premium Funding

Each year, we receive additional funding from the Government to support the development of sport in school.

Please see below for a breakdown of how this money was spent in the current and previous academic years, and the impact that this had.

Spending of PE premium fund allocation for 2018/19: Evidencing the Impact of PE and Sport Premium 18-19

Spending of PE premium fund allocation for 2017/18: Evidencing the Impact of PE and Sport Premium 17-18

Impact to be evaluated on an ongoing basis.


Spending of PE Premium fund and IMPACT of PE Development

  • Gymnastics, Dance and Athletics skills in all year groups improving – demonstrated through school based competition and tracking assessments.
  • 65 places filled as children participate in after school sports activities – football, dance, dodgeball, multisports.
  • Involvement in local competitions, in school completion and inter school competition embedded as part of sequence of opportunities and expectations.
  • All children participating in Golden Mile Challenge, fitness and stamina programme taking place throughout the year. Children competing against personal best to gain next awards – Infant School was 1st in cluster of schools in September 2016
  • Resources appropriate to supporting motor skills used in lessons observed.
  • Expertise of subject leader supporting physical development needs of intervention work planned.
  • Curriculum and opportunities. From Reception onwards, we plan activities to challenge and develop the children’s physical skills through dedicated PE sessions as well as through other learning areas.

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