Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs K Rutherford
Executive Principal, Ormiston Cliff Park Infant and Junior Academies
Mr P Reid
Head of School/Safeguarding Lead

Middle Leadership Team

  • Mrs L Spring: EYFS Lead/Reception teacher
  • Mr M Walsh: Maths Lead/Year 4 Teacher
  • Miss E Cunningham: Literacy Lead/Year 6 Teacher

Student/Family Support

Mrs J Upton

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator



Mrs D Reid

Attendance and Safeguarding Officer



Mrs T Quin
Family Liaison



Administrative/Management Staff

  • Mrs D Tooke: Office Manager/PA to Mrs Rutherford
  • Mrs J Anverali: Finance Manager
  • Mr M Steele: Facilities Manager

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs L Spring: Reception teacher/EYFS Lead
  • Ms E Russell: Reception teacher
  • Miss L Reynolds: Reception teacher
  • Mrs E Haizel: Year 1 teacher
  • Mrs D Brooks: Year 1 teacher
  • Mrs G Lancaster: Year 1 teacher
  • Mrs J Shaw: Year 1 teacher
  • Mrs D Hudson: Year 2 teacher
  • Mr S Smith: Year 2 teacher
  • Mrs K Mayne: Year 2 teacher

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs M Dawson
  • Mrs K Denniss
  • Mrs T Lane
  • Mrs L Lee
  • Miss C Barrington
  • Mrs D Coles
  • Mrs S Carter
  • Mrs L Frendo
  • Mrs R Moore
  • Mrs C Devine

Support Staff

  • Admin Support/Finance Assistant: Mrs N Hodgson
  • Admissions/Admin Manager: Mrs L Lavery
  • Admin Support/Comms and Marketing Officer: Miss M Tuttle
  • Front Desk Receptionist/Admin Support: Mrs C Spinks
  • Cleaners: Mrs M Falco, Mrs J Silk, Mr G Cox
  • Kitchen manager (Norse): Mrs N Stannard
  • Midday supervisors: Mrs I Fiske, Mrs A Simpson, Miss L Smith, Ms C Harris, Ms L Cator

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